Arnica Montana

Key uses:

  • When any injury, however remote, seems to have caused the present trouble
  • After traumatic injuries, overuse of any organ and strains
  • Cerebral congestion
  • Invigorating muscles
  • Traumatism of grief, remorse or sudden realization of financial loss
  • Limbs and body ache as if beaten
  • Joints feel as if sprained
  • Beed feels too hard
  • Blood disorders
  • Stasis
  • Echymosis and hemorrhages
  • Tendency to hemorrhage and low-fever states
  • Tendency to tissue degeneration, septic conditions, abscesses that do not mature
  • Sore, lame bruised feeling
  • Neuralgias originating in disturbances of pneumo-gastric
  • Theumatism of muscular and tendinous tissue, especially of the back and shoulders
  • Aversion to tobacco
  • Influenca
  • Thrombosis
  • Hematocele

Size: 260 tablets

Value: $7.99

Potency :


Put 4 tablets below your tongue and let them dissolve 3 times a day, or as directed by your Homeopathic physician. With babies, you can let the tablets dissolve in a little water and administer it.